Our mission?

Making people happy by enjoying a delicious cup of artisanal quality coffee!

As purebred Andalusians, we fully enjoy all the good things life has to offer. Cozy dining with friends and family, carefree enjoying a tasty snack and drink on a terrace... You will also find that Spanish passion, conviviality and joie de vivre in our coffee.

Since the founding of Catunambú so many years ago by Juan Ferrer, we have strived to make people happy by enjoying an exceptional moment with a delicious cup of quality coffee. With Catunambú you serve your guests more than coffee, a real experience; a moment of relaxation and conviviality.

The secret of our Catunambú coffee? Its unique aroma, intense taste and exceptional character, the result of the artisanal preparation process, years of experience and knowledge where even the small details count to achieve the perfect result.

More than 100 years after Juan Ferrer opened the very first Catunambú shop in the heart of Seville, our 4th generation master blenders still prepare our coffee in the same artisanal way and with the same passion. That is also the reason why so many customers worldwide fall for the authentic taste of our coffee.

We only use the world's finest coffee beans and source them directly from local coffee farmers from countries such as Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Brazil, Papua, Costa Rica, Kenya, Mexico, Java, Venezuela, India and Ethiopia.

Our Spanish CEO, Jaime Borrás, regularly visits the plantations himself and maintains many years of personal contact with the producers. Our beans are picked by hand so that only the ripe, red berries are picked and then washed. An extremely labour-intensive, albeit necessary process to preserve the unique quality of the Catunambú coffee.

Once the beans arrive in the specially equipped storage facility in Seville, they are subjected to strict quality control. From the coffee beans of no less than 30 origins and a stock of at least 300,000 kg, we then carefully select a unique blend of 12 beans to obtain the unique Catunambú taste and aroma. Key persons in this process are our master roasters and our 5 experienced tasters.

During the traditional roasting process, master roaster Enrique has been carefully monitoring for more than 40 years that the special aromas and full character are extracted from the green coffee beans. And the follow-up is assured! For several years now, Enrique Sr. his son learned the tricks of the trade in order to be able to continue to produce the very best coffee after his retirement.

Our coffee is then tasted by no fewer than 5 experts who have years of knowledge and experience to arrive at the unique Catunambú blend. Finally, a sophisticated packaging method ensures the excellent quality of the Catunambú coffee, emphasizes the aroma and prolongs freshness.

The result: a top-quality coffee roasted with love, based on a blend of the world's best coffee beans.

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